Technical Director Reel



 Technical Director Reel

Photon Jump

Responsible for: Houdini Crowd Simulations

Software Used: Houdini

 In Photon Jump, an animated short done for NASA, I needed to create a particle based crowd system that used curves to control the flow of the particles through space. To handle the  wave like motion of the particles, I used a velocity field to drive the movement.  To handel the variations, Alembic caches were created in Maya and placed on all the particles based on attributes.


Responsible for: Look Dev, Lighting, Comp

Software Used: Maya, Renderman, nuke, mudbox

An animated short done for my wife, I used as a lighting study. She focused her animation on the facial performance so I worked on creating a lighting set up that not only conveyed the mood of the bar but also emphasized the subtle movements in the performance. Also responsible for lookdev and textures that were painted in Mudbox. 


Responsible for: Creature Look Dev, Fur, Lighting, VFX supervision, Comp

Software Used: Maya, Renderman, nuke

On the short film Jasper, done as a thesis for another student, I was responsible for the technical aspects of the film as well as creating the hair groom and look dev for the main Characters. I also supervised a team of lighting and shading artists to identify technical issues as well as provide artistic direction. On a few shots, including this on, I was responsible for lighting.  

Night Tree

Responsible for: Everything

Software Used: Maya, Renderman

To create petals on my tree I first wrote a simple mel script that saved the positions of random selected vertices to a text file. I then built an interface for maya using rman and mel scripts. Next I wrote a pre-shape mel script that would use the written vertices positions to inject a read archive call into the final RIB output. I also wrote a slim node that, using an injected attribute from the rib, would create the shape and variation of the petals’ shape.



Responsible for: Everything

Software Used: Nuke, Maya, Renderman RSL

For this project I created a custom utility in RSL to create different cloth patterns. Renderman for Maya supports nodes created with RSL to be imported into hypershade. I started with a surface shader then converted it into a header file to make the utility. I used nCloth to simulate a flag degrading over time. A full technical breakdown can be found here: 


Pyrolysis – Hand

Responsible for: Lighting, Rendering, Tracking, Compositing, On Set Supervision

Software Used: Maya, PFTrack, Nuke, Mentalray, Photoshop

In this shot I was responsible to lighting using an HDRI Panoramic image. I also needed to remove the actors original hand, track in our CG hand, and then integrate into our plate. I also combined the effect and the hand using a control map created by another member of the team.

Ritual – Shot 240

Responsible for: Particles, Particle Shading, Renderman exporting

Software Used: Maya, Houdini, Renderman

For “Ritual” I was tasked with creating a swirling sand effect around the main character of the film. I started by building the particle system that would rise as the main character’s geometry became visible. The main challenge in this shot was moving the particles from Houdini to Maya to be rendered with the rest of the scene. To accomplish this I exported RIB archives of the particles containing size and color information. I then read these archives back in at render time.

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