First Houdini Python Tool

Just wrote my first python tool for Houdini. Dropping it here to save for later. It is for assigning a material to all objects in a sub-net  In my case I needed to assign the same material to all geometry in an Alembic. def assignMat(node): for child in node.allSubChildren(): matAssign = child.parm(‘shop_materialpath’) if matAssign: print “Parm found on … Continue reading

RIB viewer tool

So while working on a particle system stored in RIB archives I wished I had a way to quickly pull information out and check it. For my VSFX755: Procedural shader and 3d programming class I made a simple application to display information within the RIB file. I hope to extend … Continue reading

Render-man Procedural Geometry


For my VSFX 705: programming concepts for visual effects class I wrote scripts that injects new calls into a RIB file before rendertime. Check out the break down here:  

Ri Mel interface

I have been playing with Ri commands in mel to insert commands at render-time. I created a sphere in Maya and at every vertex I created a smaller sphere and offset it along the average normals of the vertex. Renderman makes it easy to create this functionality and interface. To do this at render time … Continue reading