Raycaster Progress

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I have been working on a Ray caster to learn more about how computer graphics are made. It is still a major work in progress. I am having some issues with my collision algorithm and object importing.

First Houdini Python Tool

Just wrote my first python tool for Houdini. Dropping it here to save for later. It is for assigning a material to all objects in a sub-net  In my case I needed to assign the same material to all geometry in an Alembic. def assignMat(node): for child in node.allSubChildren(): matAssign = child.parm(‘shop_materialpath’) if matAssign: print “Parm found on … Continue reading

RIB viewer tool

So while working on a particle system stored in RIB archives I wished I had a way to quickly pull information out and check it. For my VSFX755: Procedural shader and 3d programming class I made a simple application to display information within the RIB file. I hope to extend … Continue reading

Render-man Procedural Geometry


For my VSFX 705: programming concepts for visual effects class I wrote scripts that injects new calls into a RIB file before rendertime. Check out the break down here: https://www.sfdm.scad.edu/faculty/mkesson/vsfx705/wip/spring14/james_spadafora/MelAssetCreation.html  

Ri Mel interface

I have been playing with Ri commands in mel to insert commands at render-time. I created a sphere in Maya and at every vertex I created a smaller sphere and offset it along the average normals of the vertex. Renderman makes it easy to create this functionality and interface. To do this at render time … Continue reading